Featured Vendor ~ Blueberry Hill

Featured Vendor ~ Blueberry Hill ~ Flair for the Heart and Home

BlueBerryHill-007Blueberry Hill—flair for the heart and home—is owned by Denise McDaniels and Erinn Rowe (mother/daughter) since April 2013. They sell quality, custom wreaths, flower arrangements, live potted plants, dishgardens, home décor, and seasonal and some vintage items.  Erinn also does event decorating for any occasion. You can see her work on their computerized photo album at the right front of their shop in Warehouse A at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER.

What made you want to start your craft/hobby/collection?

Erinn has always enjoyed doing something creative, and made many wreaths for their home while she was growing up.   Denise has many flower beds and houseplants at her home and enjoys the beauty plants add to a person’s living space.

Your favorite thing about being a vendor/seller at Building Character?

Denise loves seeing Erinn’s thoughts and plans become reality in her creations and store themes. BC gives Erinn a reason to expand, to grow, and to develop her creativity. She enjoys making something different that other people like.  Both of them appreciate the talent of the many vendors and meeting the customers when they are at Building Character. They both agree is a pleasant place to work and an inviting environment for shoppers.

What other hobbies do you have? 

Both Erinn and Denise are animal lovers. Erinn has two wonderful pit bulls and Denise has a German Shepard and numerous cats. Erinn likes to read about nutrition, health and exercise, enjoys movies and music, and going camping.   Denise volunteers much time to church-related activities, likes going for walks, riding bike, and gardening.  They both try to make as much time as they can to be with their husbands, families, and friends.

Three interesting facts about you?

Erinn is a kid at heart, stands up for pit bull rights (punish the deed, not the breed), and collects vinyl records.  She still uses her father’s 1970 stereo record player.  Erinn loves fall “hoodie” weather, her Shelby Mustang, shabby chic, and being an aunt. Denise can get lost for hours in a thrift store or flower shop searching for bargains or new ideas for plants.  She loves pretty cards of all kinds and mailing them to friends and really enjoys stories with feel-good endings and value messages.  Denise adores  her grandson and granddaughter who are children to her son Sean and his wife.  She is also happy to be a “grandma” to Erinn’s two pit bulls.

If you could transport yourself back to any time era, what year would it be?

Erinn and Denise both agree that they would choose the 1950s.  They could not decide on a store name until Erinn recalled all the times they watched “Happy Days” on TV and remembered Richie Cunningham singing, “I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill” each time he had a special date to take to Inspiration Point. Erinn and Denise “found their thrill”  being able to open the store together.



(Photos taken by Holly Lessey)



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