Singer-songwriter Vin Fischer debuts new album

Photo credit: Jesse Egner Photography

Vin Fischer’s latest, “The Bridge Ahead,” makes reference to the bridge that connects his hometown of Columbia to Wrightsville. Photo credit: Jesse Egner Photography

LANCASTER, Pa. — Vin Fischer’s album release party and show is Friday, Aug. 1 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER, 342 N. Queen St., rear warehouses, Lancaster, featuring Jesse Egner on cello and opening guests Main Street Sweep.
“The Bridge Ahead” is Fischer’s second full-length effort and includes Scott Rennie on banjo, vocals by Casey Jane and Egner. “This is the sound I wanted for this project,” said 25-year-old Fischer. It includes “Ashes,” “River Town Folk Jam,” “Strange,” “While you were Sleeping” and an introduction track of Fischer’s catchy sound check, “Checking the Microphone,” heard at the beginning of nearly every performance. Vin Fischer_Photo by Jesse Egner Photography
Many of Fischer’s songs were written about his hometown of Columbia, Pa., and include references to the mighty Susquehanna River and other memories of growing up in a riverside town. His first album, “Into the Water,” was released in 2012.

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